Done WITH You 
You are: 
a small business who already has someone who 'does the paperwork' 
a sole trader who does your own 'books' but sometimes would just like to know you're doing it right 
making money but not enough (yet!) to afford even part-time help, but this is a start 
We are: 
Your support and peace of mind or your 'Accounts Manager' if you like 
From just £195 per month 
Done FOR You 
You are: 
a small Limited Company or SME 
a busy entrepreneur 
someone who doesn't want to spend valuable time 'doing accounts and paperwork' 
in a position where you don't want to worry about it, you just need it DONE! 
We are: 
Your dependable and reliable fully outsourced Accounts Department 
From £495 or £995 per month 
(depending on the average volume of work) 
You are: 
unique, just as every business is unique 
not going to easily slot into a standard package or format 
looking for very specific help and haven't been able to find it in-house or elsewhere 
ready to be helped 
We are: 
Whatever you want us to be, when & where you need it  
Price will vary depending on the help and support required 
*Please note all prices quoted in this website are exclusive of VAT which will be charged at the prevailing rate. 


From £15 per month 
From £500 one off 
From £50 per month 
From £250 
Coming Soon 
Coming Soon 
Running a small business is hard work. There is ALWAYS something that needs YOUR attention - and NEVER enough time to do it. 
You started your business because you discovered that 'something' that you are good at, that you believe in & that you can make money from. Until the paperwork got in the way. Now you find you spend more time doing the admin than you do 'doing'? 
You can go back to enjoying your business again. 
You just need help in the right places to do 'other' stuff whilst you do what you are good at - the reason you started the business in the first place. 
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