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Regardless of the size of your business you need good management information to be able to make the right business decisions. 
These will come in the form of reports - perhaps a Profit & Loss Account and a Balance Sheet. Other useful information is aged debtor and creditor reports and a budget analysis so that you can monitor where your business is against where you wanted to be at any particular time. 
Without this information you are not running your business, your business is running you! With accurate and ongoing information you will be able to control your day to day business and plan for the future growth of your business. 
We will work as your in house team to produce monthly management accounts so that you can get on with running your business and planning for growth. 
A Profit & Loss account shows sales & expenditure for a given period. 
It includes: 
Costs of making those sales 
Other costs (e.g. wages) which are variable 
Overheads (fixed costs) 
Your net profit 
A Balance Sheet is a snapshot of your business at a specified date. 
It includes: 
The value of your assets 
The balance of the bank & cash 
Any amount you are owed 
Any amount you owe & when it is due 
Value for the shareholders 
Debtors' report: 
Debtors are customers who owe you money. 
You may have a set time to pay (7 days, 30 days, etc.) & you expect that money in on time. 
Monitoring debtors is CRUCIAL because if money doesn't come in when you expect it, you may not be able to pay your suppliers & that in turn may lead to further problems? 
Creditors' report: 
Creditors are people who you must pay.  
These include suppliers of services & goods, HMRC (e.g. VAT & PAYE), your bank or finance partner (loans, overdrafts, etc.). 
Even if money is tight, you MUST communicate with your creditors because they can put you out of business. 
For all your Management Accounts requirements please call us on 01234 924224 
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