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The 'spa' experience isn't everyone's cup of tea. But - if you do like a bit of pampering - facial, massage, pedicure, etc. 
Gail & the team are all very adept at making you feel comfortable, addressing your needs but are also conscious that we all don't have an unlimited budget for self-care.  
Regular visits to hammer out the kinks on my shoulders from hours of hunching over a desk & a treatment to sort out my skin which doesn't see fresh air from one week to the next are our thing to look forward to every month. 
P.S. in winter - hot stones are divine. In summer - Club Towers has air-con!  
Tel 0845 0743544 
We are very proud to call Jill Gardner our friend. Her campaign to #BanishtheBeige is a personal crusade to educate us all that 'beige' food is not good for us & may well be contributing to our disease, sickness, weight problems, mood swings & many other daily struggles.  
She offers help, recipes, advice, support, all whilst battling Lyme Disease.  
Even if you aren't ready to go 'all in', the advice is common sense, is based on having enough to eat so you aren't hungry & cutting out slowly the 'bad' stuff or at least moderating it. 
It's a lifestyle, not a diet. How do you want to live your life? 
Tel 07975 853 245 
Now, guys, don't glaze over this - it's not all about shoes for women.  
Lisa Newport is a colour consultant & personal stylist with over 30 years experience at making people look & feel good about themselves - and that is men & women. The same rules apply to men - certain colours look better on some skin tones & certain styles can minimise the bits of our body we aren't happy with (& highlight those we do like). And she does it all with fun & absolutely NO judgement. A brilliant facebook group where everyone asks & shares is a free resource, small groups to learn about make-up, colours, style or personalised 1-2-1 coaching & even shopping trips.  
Tel 01480 404946 
Anna Jeoffroy Salmon is a reflexologist & a specialist in the use of Dr Bach's flower essences in the treatment of emotional wellbeing. 
Sound like a load of hokum? We thought so too but tried it anyway & were surprised to learn - it works!  
The reflexology is awesome - I never sleep so well as after a treatment (and sometimes during it!). 
The flower essences - we can't explain how this works but it does. 
And as a 'therapist who runs courses', Anna's courses are fascinating - whether you want to learn just for yourself or for professional reasons. 
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